Product Range

Speciality chemicals from Lucerne

We have operated as an independent business for decades, developing chemical/technical products, manufacturing them and filling them into a variety of containers. We also undertake the packaging and labelling of the products and deliver them worldwide.

High quality speciality chemicals are our area of expertise, and we are keen to focus on additional customers and partners who could make use of our specialist knowledge of this field: We analyse, develop, produce and deliver the products you require in the areas of surface treatment and cleaning, insect-protection and regeneration. A close and trusting connection with distribution partners is very important to us. We support our partners with our solid expertise and the very highest level of professionalism in an extremely well-equipped laboratory. We maintain very close relationships with scientific universities, institutions and organisations.

Private Label

We manufacture your product on your behalf in accordance with your requirements, i.e. we develop products in accordance with your instructions, from development to deliver.

  • Laboratory services
  • Development
  • Procurement of the raw materials and packaging materials
  • Bulk production
  • Filling / Assembly
  • Logistics

Laboratory services

Our laboratory is fitted with up-to-date equipment and allows us to offer you a broad spectrum of laboratory services.

  • Modern elemental analyses using ICP-OES, AAS and polarography
  • Chromatography with HPLC and GCSurface analyses, such as REM / EDX, XRD, XRF, IR, microscopy and measurements of hardness, contact angle and surface tension
  • Specific methods of analyses can be developed for a customer on request


We develop your formulas completely in accordance with your instructions and requirements, adhering to the highest levels of professionalism throughout .

  • Development of formulas in accordance with your instructions and requirements
  • Adaptation and revision of formulas
  • Search for substitutes for raw materials
  • Manufacture of laboratory samples
  • Manufacture of pilot plants and scale-ups for industrial mass production
  • Product tests for stability, microbiology, safety, compatibility and performance
  • Preparation of product files (safety data sheets, operating instructions, etc.)
  • Basic clarifications with the authorities and approvals offices

Bulk manufacture

We produce the following, in accordance with your instructions, to current safety standards.

  • Fluid and solid compounds from laboratory scale to 5000 l or 1000kg of powder
  • Chemical reactions in the enamel reactor (heating jacket and return flow)
  • The processing of a broad range of chemicals (solvents, powerfully toxic materials and concentrated acids and alkalis)
  • Hot and cold distilled water
  • In-house waste water treatment
  • Active charcoal and resin treatment to clean up process solvents

Filling / Assembly

We fill the manufactured bulk materials into a very wide variety of containers and undertake the subsequent packaging and labelling tasks.

  • Industrial mass production
  • Filling of pump sprays, bottles, trigger flasks, canisters, vessels, IBC’s, pails and bags
  • Explosion protection according to ATEX
  • Labelling of primary and secondary packaging materialCoding with Inkjet
  • Forms of packaging: folded carton with packaging insert, despatch box, pallets, freight container


We organise logistics services on your behalf.

  • Procurement of raw materials and packaging materials
  • Goods entry checks and the correct interim storage for the components (chemicals store)
  • Preparation of the necessary transportation documentsLand (ADR), sea (IMO) and air freight (IATA) worldwide


We offer training in the areas of chemical law, product training and hazardous goods training, using modern, fully-equipped training rooms.